Trail Blazer

The versatile blazer: A workwear staple come trans seasonal statement maker.

I have been in the process of developing a portfolio of work this week and so decided to continue the theme with this fashion focus on the future. The topic of career remains a relevant conversation throughout our lives and tends towards hard-work as being the only pre-requisite for success. However let’s not forget passion!

If you truly believe in something and love what you do, I think you cannot help but succeed. My former days as an LV sales associate taught me this simple but important fact. I recall it was always the hand bags that I absolutely loved that I could recommend and sell with the utmost of ease and it was in those experiences that I found the most enjoyment and reward.

Like everyone, I too am still learning and growing on my journey…but I do believe the ultimate recipe for success is following the direction of your dreams, embracing change along the way, remaining open to new opportunities, working smarter not harder, and only doing what makes you happy!

#midweekinspiration 🙂

Em Xx

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One comment

  1. Emily… I LOVE your blog… [and not just cos we’re related LOL]

    It is truly inspirational to me. Your wisdom far and away surpasses your years. And you have a winning formula here. Go you! Don’t stop. Don’t look back [except at all the wonderful good stuff]

    Lots of love always x


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