Belle of the Ball

Suki-Waterhouse-Met-Gala Suki-Waterhouse-Met-Gala-2014article-2621057-1D97D9F900000578-684_634x8645bdfa4a56f609325_488318641_10.xxxlargeSuki-Waterhouse-Burberry article-2621057-1D97D9E900000578-753_634x461 article-2621057-1D97D55800000578-85_634x912 Suki-Waterhouse-Burberry-3 Suki-Waterhouse-Burberry-1Suki Waterhouse was the ‘Belle of the Ball’ at last night’s Met Gala in New York wearing a beautiful blush pink Burberry gown. The British beauty looked luminous in the tiered tulle ensemble, so seamlessly suited to her porcelain complexion and expertly contrasted with a dark red lip. Simply beautiful…

Happy Wednesday Beauties!

Love, Emily xx

pics via popsugar, fashionbombdaily


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