Wednesday Loves

e38223072551523ac9caa3a53f0762b55596f068df5d0e08129ada32a8c4495e467c80b5430005231d50a76e64e27a3d 123ffc575e2ad9f8859f8601efbd330a49d36cb9585d6e667a31e41016aa3bdd3c9032c11d056a0e880286b3e454628ea09acf1b1ecb1bfd1c5d24314ad51eefSpring-2014-Couture-Paris-Street-Style456974221be3c9c893bf98c7da57be3eca58ea3776f06db3ad61aac546c4fd9cdd9207d45c9bc5b828d59d4c65ed393caf

Current mood, style inspiration and a few favourites…

Happy Fashion Week NY!


Emily xx

pics via lacooletchic, byrdie, pinterest, vogue

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