Christian Dior SS14 Couture

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Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2014 Haute Couture collection, Paris

Beautiful bustles, voluminous dresses, and perfectly punched out patterns culminated in the texturally rich showing of Christian Dior’s haute couture show in Paris this week. Raf Simons continues his successful reign at the French fashion house, seamlessly depicting Dior’s classic design sensibilities in tandem with his strikingly contemporary aesthetic.

This collection saw Simons draw inspiration from younger generations, purposefully relaxing his approach to the typically restrictive traditions of couture. The resulting looks are immensely fresh and feminine, and while intricate, are simply so.

I love every aspect, from the abundant flow of fabric to the unique array of heels with straps sitting snug beneath the knee. Contrary to couture in general, Dior seems to expertly encapsulate the next new look while remaining supremely relevant and surprisingly wearable.

Demonstrating dedication to innovation and forward-thinking, Dior not only showed to buyers and press this week but also presented exclusive shows to specially invited fashion students.

Needless to say, Christian Dior remains my firm favourite… J’adore Dior!

Love, Emily xx

pics via vogue


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