Muse like Jagger

georgia-may-jagger-by-matt-irwin-for-vogue-china-january-2014-5 georgia-may-jagger-by-matt-irwin-for-vogue-china-january-2014-1 georgia-may-jagger-by-matt-irwin-for-vogue-china-january-2014-4 georgia-may-jagger-by-matt-irwin-for-vogue-china-january-2014-2 georgia-may-jagger-by-matt-irwin-for-vogue-china-january-2014 georgia-may-jagger-by-matt-irwin-for-vogue-china-january-2014-3

Monday’s model muse…

The gorgeous Georgia May Jagger as featured in the January 2014 edition of Vogue China. Fresh, fun and a little undone…J’adore!

Photographer: Matt Irwin

Love, Emily xx

pics via wearesodroee


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