Checking In

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Conjuring up memories of a beloved pleated red tartan skirt from my nineties childhood, plaid’s recent redux has us thinking ‘cool’ again about laundry bag checks, and has arguably become this season’s most covetable trend.

For those lucky enough to experience a white Christmas, sweaters and outerwear are the adopted styles, while for those down here on the warmer side of the world there remains the option of the shirt (tied around the waist of course) or super chic sneaker iterations.

While Louis Vuitton’s ‘chinese shopper-laundry bag’ hybrid collection in 2007 did little to inspire new favour for the fabric, Celine is largely credited with championing plaid’s most recent revival, and with apparent widespread success. Laminated outerwear and plaid woven skirts featured strongly in Celine’s fall ’13 collection… Not to be outdone however by Stella’s softer hued check sweater, chicly donned by The Editorialist‘s Kate Davidson Hudson (top)… Then there’s Zara‘s slightly grungier take on the trend which favours red and black plaid paired with leather, and the lighter brighter update as featured in Zara’s latest November lookbook. So it appears ‘laundry-bag luxe’ is a thing!

I’m making a list… (and NOT ‘checking’ it twice)! 🙂


Emily xx

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