Beauty Note: Sweet Nectar


In the first article of my Beauty Note series, I want to share with you my latest scent obsession, Marc Jacobs “Honey”… 

I usually favour stronger perfumes and count Chanel’s Mademoiselle and Chance eau Fraiche among my scented staples. But occasionally I love a lighter option and find the sweet and zesty fragrance of “Honey” so fresh and feminine. I love the fruity combination of pear and mandarin combined with a lovely floral blend of orange blossom and honey suckle. Add to that the soft aroma of vanilla, and it could almost pass as dessert…!

Marc Jacobs “Honey” is as sweet as it sounds, but the citrus notes render it subtly sophisticated and light enough for daily wear. Devotees of Marc’s former “Dot” and “Daisy” will love the bright little bee-inspired bottle and find “Honey” to be a sweet and sunny new favourite! I love it 🙂

Happy Monday!

Love, Emily xx

pic: emilyburman



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