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screen-shot-2012-10-18-at-2-21-53-pm80cf9a0aabe6357e5db8d1161646be09 little_white_dress_wordpress 4fdea7bb0a05d53863fe09b4d23f8c8b

tumblr_mgz85jl4iL1rj9vppo1_500 9c212f0c9fe39c939400e1afc4208102 jenni300…The Fluted Hem!

I am certainly not one to subscribe to the ‘must have’/’need now’/’trend-to-try’ appeals that so often infiltrate our online fashion feeds. However every now and then, a certain style will take my fancy and inspire me to share with you, my favourite iterations. This time, it’s the fluted hem that has stolen my style heart, with the above ensembles among the best. From the runway in Stella McCartney and DKNY, to Chiara, Tuula and Jennifer’s street style adaptations, the fluted hem exudes glamour in a really fun and understated way, all while creating a super chic feminine silhouette. Just love!

Happy Friday!

Emily xx

pics via stylesaint, pinterest, theblondesalad, thewriting



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