Destination NY

ny1 ny2 ny3ny4nyc5Hi everyone as you may already know I have been travelling again recently and arrived in New York earlier this week to a rather ‘cool change’. There is something about the sweltering heat of the Australian Summer that renders me useless in considering appropriate clothing to pack for climates of the ‘polar’ opposite kind. Either I get so used to wearing Summer clothing or it is simply too hard to imagine such cold temperatures whilst still on warm home soil. There is of course also the appealing prospect of shopping for the season when you get there, particularly when the destination is New York.

My recent trips to Paris and Amsterdam in the middle of Winter were long forgotten as I arrived at JFK this week in little more than white jeans, a cable knit jumper and a scarf (totally comfy and perfect for the plane at least). Oh yes, it all came back to me rather quickly as I departed the terminal loaded with luggage and met with the brisk chill of negative celsius. Not that I needed one, but it was the perfect excuse for a little rendezvous on 5th Avenue the following day for much needed winter ‘essentials’. Love this city!

More posts from New York to come!

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